• The Design of this T-shirt questions the ideals of freedom as depicted in American culture in the 21st century. The idea is to point out how fragile our sense of freedom is. It’s a timeless message which is relevant not only in America but all over the world. The Design of this T-shirt captures the thin line between freedom and its illusion in everyday life.
      • The Style and garment used for the production of this T-shirt combine with the design to create a more leisurely but still classic piece which goes great with a blazer, but is also suitable for everyday wear.
      • The Garment is custom-made in line with the ABIDELESS brand to meet our high-quality requirements as well as to enhance the pleasant feel of the garment while wearing it..
      • Modeled in Size M.
      • Custom cut and sewed in Central Europe.
      • The sizes may differ in reality by a few centimeters due to handmade production.
      • Orders are shipped the next business day.
      • Prices and time for delivery are specified here



Hand-made production in heart of Europe 
Hand picked fabric 
Three line stitching
Digital printing technique
Limited edition created in 1000 pieces
Personalised packaging
Guarantee of ABIDELESS™ style