• The Design of this T-shirt depicts the concepts behind conflicts recurring throughout history. The humankind is perpetually involved in conflicts due to differing opinions, beliefs and ideas. However, at the end of the day, it is only paper that we fight for - paper in the form of ideas written in books as well as paper in the form of money motivated by power. We do not fight against any religion or belief in itself. This Collection aims to portray the true nature of all conflicts taking place throughout the world.
      • The Style and garment used for the production of this T-shirt combine with the design to create a more leisurely but still classic piece. Our "SHORT" cut is unique in its slim fit styling and rolled up sleeves. Great for your every day wear with shorts or jeans.
      • The Garment is custom-made in line with the ABIDELESS brand to meet our high-quality requirements as well as to enhance the pleasant feel of the garment while wearing it..
      • Modeled in Size S.
      • Custom cut and sewed in Central Europe.
      • The sizes may differ in reality by a few centimeters due to handmade production.
      • Orders are shipped the next business day.
      • Prices and time for delivery are specified here


 "At the end of the day It's only a paper that we fight for"


Hand-made production in heart of Europe 
Hand picked fabric 
Three line stitching
Digital printing technique
Limited edition created in 1000 pieces
Personalised packaging
Guarantee of ABIDELESS™ style