Fashion fairs, fashion fairs and again fashion fairs. This time we decided to bring ABIDELESS across the border to PRAGUE DYZAJN MARKET in the Czech Republic.

A few stats for the start. PRAGUE DYZAJN MARKET was held on Střelecký island in the middle of the city. More than 22,000 people showed up and let us tell you, the experience was amazing!

During the course of two hot days, we introduced the whole ABIDELESS collection, spoke with hundreds of people and truly enjoyed our time in the marvellous city that is Prague.

A huge thank you and kudos go to the team from PRAGUE DYZAN MARKET for creating such an amazing event. We are truly grateful for such experience and opportunity.

Prague!!! We will definitely see you soon


"On the way to new lands" 

"Set up of our place. We were the only brand without tent even though it was the absolute must from the organiser." 

"Spotted! Young ABIDELESS"

"One from the official organisers of Dyzajn Market"

"This is how we ended up after the first day. 400 business cards gone so the second day we had to improvise"