New season of fashion fairs is here! In between of opening new retail stores and creating summer collection we have decided to say hello to our Hometown. Beautiful concept of DOBRY TRH is a great place to be during first warm spring days. As you might already know ABIDELESS is always coming with something different and original. It was true also for this fair. We have decided to get rid of traditional stand and rather come up with something creative. Therefore we have used our transportation car as part of our display. And people loved it. Kids could sit in the car, fathers were taking pictures and we even got an offer to sell it :) (of course we did not!)

There was one more interesting thing about our DOBRY TRH and it was introduction of women collection along with the new sub-brand "Young ABIDELESS" for creative kids. We did not post a single photo before or had any status announcing this expansion. It was a surprise for people who came to say hello. And boy they loved it. First kids were running in their new Young ABIDELESS tees. There was even one guy buying a T-Shirt for a boy who was born early morning that day. That particular graphic had serial number 0001/1000. It was a nice moment, when we realised that this kid is ABIDELESS since his first day on Earth :) And ladies did not have to wait any longer for their beautiful cuts. We have created two new cuts for ABIDELESS WOMEN COLLECTION. Short with sense for details and Long with a streetwear touch. 

It was one great Saturday with lot of beautiful ABIDELESS people. The truth is that we did not had even time to take photos but here are few from our phones. Enjoy our expanded STORE section :)