New season of fashion fairs is only about to start but we already got an opportunity to present ABIDELESS to international audience. Invitation came from organisers of Hungarian Visegrad Design Fair, which is held in Budapest and has a longtime tradition. We did not hesitate and confirmed our participation right away. This event is one of it's kind because they put together producers, designers, craftsmen from all surrounding countries. The first fair of season took place in beautiful vintage yet and at the same time modern complex called "Millenaris". 

Our journey started on an early Sunday morning. It is usually quite a task to prepare between 200 - 300 ABIDELESS packages but thanks to great invention of IKEA and their "typical blue bags" we are improving with the logistics. At about 9:00 AM we arrived to the venue and immediately got that magical morning moment. What I mean by this morning moment? It is that special atmosphere which you can observe or even feel when you arrive to some market little bit earlier. You see all those beautiful people getting ready to present their passion or hobby. It immediately shows you their determination to stand behind their product and tell the world a story of their brand and details of production. Morning smell of freshly brewed coffee just complements the whole atmosphere.  

Gates of Millenaris Hall opened at 10:00 AM and we did not stop until 6:00 PM. We got a chance to present our story to about two hundred people all listening our motivation and entire idea behind ABIDELESS. To our surprise Hungarian people had absolutely no troubles with English, plus we met a number of international visitors from USA, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, etc.

It was a tiring day but we again got so much energy from people who loved idea behind the brand and supported us to continue on our journey to bring powerful ideas, high quality, hand-made production back to fashion. 

We can't wait to our next Fashion Fair which comes in late April. But for now enjoy few snaps from Hungarian WAMP in the gallery below.

Here you can see the great invention of IKEA.