Amsterdam is a city of bicycles. Yes, that is the fact we all know; however, did you know that there is approximately 1 million of bicycles but only 700 000 Amsterdammers? More interesting facts will come later in the text but for now, let's enjoy few fine sights of Amsterdam becoming ABIDELESS. 

ABIDELESS has quickly spread into this city few days after ONLINE STORE opening. Today, we are brining you few snaps from the streets of this beautiful city. 


Did you know that between 12,000 and 15,000 bicycles are pulled out of Amsterdam's canals each year? Moreover, some estimates say around 100,000 bicycles are stolen in Amsterdam each year. 

One last interesting fact. Do you know the origin of name Amsterdam? It comes from the combination of the river Amstel and the Dam that was built on it in order to found the original village today know as Amsterdam. For those who enjoy good cold beer, you might know the name Amstel as the name of beer brand, which was also named after the river because it was originally brewed locally.

At the end, as Team ABIDELESS would like to thank to our good friend who helped us spread the word in Amsterdam. 

Other cities coming out soon! But for now head to our ONLINE STORE to also become ABIDELESS!