First Bratislava event of 2016 was no other than FASHION DEALAã and ABIDELESS was there. Last year was kind of pre-game session for this mesmerising event. But this year its official and we are bringing you PART 1 report from FASHION DEALã BRATISLAVA.

This is what went down in Bratislava: 


True underground feeling created by abandoned space at Laurinska street and most hyped culture since invention of iPhone was a recipe for one of a kind experience and hell of a party. Streetwear officially announced its presence in Slovakia. What a great time to be alive.

Our pop-up in one sentence? All black everything (tees are still white don’t worry). Freshly painted black wall was decorated by huge precisely hand drawn ABIDELESS WHITE LETTERING. Instead of typical rags our T-Shirts learned to fly. How we did it? MAGIC ! It’s called MAGIC… Special add on was provided by nonstop fully stack mini bar and unlimited REDBULLs (thx REDBULL).

More than anything this event is all about culture and community. Once in a while people forget about fumes and hate and just let creativity and innovation take over. Everyone from ABIDELESS is truly thankful that we could be part of these 2 great days.


Enough reading, enjoy the gallery…


 One last look at ABIDELESS atmosphere!